About Us

Who We Are

Since 2015, Acégélia Natural Foods has committed itself to making some of the most nutrient- and fiber-rich pastas available. That's because youtoday's more health-conscious consumerdemand it. 

At Acégélia, we focus on feeding Mind, Body, and Soul. We use only life-giving foods created by Mother Nature to encourage clean, healthy eating. Our organic, animal-free ingredients are free of all things "man-made" which supports our motto: "If it ain't plucked from a tree, pulled from a vine, or plowed from the earth, then it ain't in there!" Our use of plant-based ingredients ensures that our pastas will provide the body with vital nutrientsunlike the low-fiber, low-nutrition pastas found in today's marketplaces

We're equally serious about transparency. Our "farm-to-table" tracking methods are designed to keep you well-informed about your pasta selection. In addition to the "Best By" date on our product packages, you'll also find the date the product was manufactured. We simply believe that our customers are entitled to know everything about our pastas and how each ingredient is chosen for its benefit to the body. That is why we're so excited about partnering with you, the "food-smart" consumer.

What We Believe

We believe that

  • the human body is a wondrous vessel primarily designed to consume plant-based foods.
  • fiber is pivotal to the efficient absorption of nutrients within the gut.
  • avoiding animal products is healthier for both body AND planet.
  • our focus on providing nourishment to the body’s cells gives breadth to our Intention.
  • all food should be organic and nutrient-purposed if the body is to be healthfully sustained.
  • fair-trade, living “green,” and sourcing locally—where possible—is highly beneficial to both man and Mother Earth.
  • customer satisfaction is second only to Purpose.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Your health. Our focus. It's why we, at Acégélia, hold firm to the belief that if you focus on enriching the lives of others while doing what you love, then one's purpose is largely fulfilled.

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