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Since 2015, Acégélia Natural foods has committed itself to making some of the most nutrient- and fiber-rich pastas available. That's because you—today's more health-conscious consumer—demand it.

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Our Ingredients

Each ingredient used in our pastas is selected for its nutrient density and high fiber content. We ensure product integrity by using only plant-based ingredients free of soy, GMOs, dairy, corn, added sugars, animal products, “natural” flavors, chemicals, preservatives, and all things man-made.

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Our Products

Each Acégélia product is crafted from ingredients carefully selected from the list of the world’s healthiest foods. Only organic, chemical-free vegan ingredients derived from whole-plant, nutrient- and fiber-rich foods are used in our recipes.



Fiber plays an integral role in the crafting of our pastas. Our use of only high-fiber foods better ensures optimal nutrient absorption during the body's digestive process—a pivotal relationship that today's commercially-produced pastas fail to address.

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